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    "When we were looking for a property, our request was quickly processed by RMS. Courteous and professional, they support us throughout the entire process of our project in an efficient and proactive manner. We are very happy to have found a real partner for our real estate project ".
    famille Patrick Pittico-Graf
    We are very satisfied with the service received by the entire RMS team. We feel that they are passionate about their job and show a real interest in their clients. Always available, attentive and above all solution-oriented.
    Tiziana Caruso
    In search of a real estate project adapted to our needs, we could not have found a better solution than RMS: the contact was always of professional quality, welcoming and courteous. Any question was answered in no time at all and we felt in good hands. We were very well advised and our contact person proved to be forward-looking by giving us valuable advice and he always reacted to our personal wishes. We are very happy to have found RMS"
    My experience with RMS is very positive, and I am completely satisfied with the services and advice I have received. My interlocutor, Mr Ittenbach, has always been professional, competent and responsive, and our discussions were friendly and courteous. I can therefore only recommend the company RMS immobilière.
    Ph. Waltzer
    Soon after relocating to Luxembourg, I decided to purchase a home suitable for a growing family. During the entire journey through Luxembourg’s housing market, RMS immobilière was a reliable and knowledgeable advisor. From support with the actual search for a suitable property, through the interactions with local banks, providing a flexible financing structure and explaining the peculiarities of legal contracts, RMS proved to be a trustworthy partner which I highly recommend. Marius C.
    Marius C.
    I am very happy with your services regarding the purchase of my new home. Very helpful and competent staff. Thank you for your patience. Fam. Dinis-Mesquita
    Fam. Dinis-Mesquita
    We were very satisfied with the welcome of the RMS employee. The service was fast and adapted to our needs. The sale was going quickly. RMS Real Estate to recommend to our entourage:)
    Fernandes Cardoso Sergio et Da Silva Rocha Cathy
    Very good experience with RMS! Their agents are attentive to the customer, available, friendly and the files are followed up with a lot of professionalism! To recommend
    Mélanie Schmitz
    In search of my first real estate, I came across RMS Immobilière. From the first contact, the exchanges were fruitful, transparent and personal. Their agents are competent, friendly, available, patient and attentive to my concerns.
    Peiffer L.
    Very nice service from Victor, they built several models for us thinking on our best scenarios, try to go to them before the actual banks, that way they can negotiate the best rates for you, totally recommed it
    Gerson Salcedo
    I would strongly recommend RMS Immobiliere for their great attitude, kindness and competence. You feel at home, well supported and very confident about how your money will be spent. I can truly state that RMS Immobiliere is a company very much customer oriented (business not at first place, customer always). Saverio
    We were very pleased with the support of RMS on our house construction project. Our interlocutor Mr Ittenbach has always been very professional in the choice of our project.
    Sébastien THOMAS
    We particularly appreciated Mr. Ittenbach's professional and above all accessible approach. A real estate agent who knows his job and knows how to best advise his clients while remaining very friendly. Unfortunately, this kind of personalized service tends to disappear, hence my great gratitude to Mr. Ittenbach! Thank you! Nunes Carla and Tana Dany
    Carla Nunes et Dany Tana
    in searching for our new home we have engaged to a housing project with the help of RMSimmobilière. As being unfamiliar with the market and administrative procedures we received exceptional support from Mr Ittenbach. He were with us through the whole process by understanding our needs and also providing any assistance instantaneously. We really appreciate the effort from his side to help us materialize our future home. Thank you again! Katalin & Akos
    Katalin & Akos
    Positively surprised... ...after a mishap (unkept promises) on the part of an employee. Since I was not really enthusiastic about this fact, I had posted a corresponding comment on Facebook, whereupon I spontaneously received a very sympathetic and constructive feedback from the person in charge. He himself was also not happy about the way his employee dealt with his customer. A heartfelt apology was made. But not only did he keep his promise to write my house evaluation immediately and to explain it to me personally over a cup of coffee, he also took the time to apologize personally and to explain the agency's values in detail to me. I think many agencies could still learn something from this. I can recommend RMS Immobilière with a clear conscience, and I am sure that if a problem should arise, they will do their best to solve it. In this sense, I hope for a good cooperation for the future. den Andy
    den Andy
    Good morning, RMS was the only agency that really took the time to find me a suitable property. They're supremely friendly with great service! Thank you, Best regards, Gary
    Gary C.
    When we were looking for a real estate project for my partner and our children that would meet our needs, we never dreamed that we would have such a unique experience at RMS: The first contact was professional, inviting and friendly. Mr. Buckes convinced us of his trustworthiness right from the first telephone contact ... all employees listened to us, because our initial situation was not easy after several disappointments ... Each of our questions was answered in the shortest possible time and we felt we were in good hands. They promised to do everything possible to obtain the longed-for real estate loan. And it worked out. CREDITSIMMO.LU has made our dream possible. We are very happy to have found RMS. Thank you to the whole team that has worked for us without asking for anything in return, a big thank you to Mr. Spaniard who racked his brains on how to set up the financing so that we could finally make our dream come true. Also once again a big thank you to Buckes, who was always there for us and accompanied us from beginning to end ... We thank you with all our heart for the good cooperation. The family Joel and Claudine KITENGE
    Famille Joel et Claudine KITENGE
    The RMS real estate agency and especially Mr. Ittenbach with whom we have been in contact are very competent. He has been listening to us throughout our project, always available (even sometimes during his leave) which is obviously good and for a client this is very appreciable. He is very reactive and when he is busy he informs you and answers you as soon as possible! Very good communication and great professionalism, which is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare nowadays. A big thank you to the whole team and especially to Mr. Ittenbach for his advice, help and support throughout this adventure.
    Famille Michael MARTINS
    Happy!!! Today I had an appointment with Mr. Spanier for a free estimate! I am very happy with the service, Mr. Spanier is a very friendly person, professional and does his best to offer a Service that is perfect !!! I can only recommend !!! Pierre FL.
    Pierre Fl.
    "Jill and I found Buckes and his RMS colleagues an absolute joy to work with on the sale of our apartment and purchase of our new home. Buckes was early for every appointment and viewing, he created lots of interest in our apartment and was always passionate and energetic during the process. He always had a smile for us and was always answered the phone when we needed him. Buckes was always very thorough and has great attention to contractual details. He made all aspects of the sale and purchase very easy for us. I cannot recommend Buckes and RMS highly enough". Thanks, Aidan and Jill.
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