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Housing Project BETTENDORF_rue Fraeschegaass
picto_localiser Bettendorf
1 048 500 to 1 132 000 €


Development of 4 houses in a row in Bettendorf, Fraeschegaass street.
The houses have a living area of 216m2 to 281m2 and each has a terrace, garden and garden shed.

Bettendorf is located 5km from Diekirch with all the usual shops and amenities.
Situated in the extended valley of the Sûre, partly in the Belgian-Luxembourg natural park, Bettendorf has always enjoyed a particularly pleasant climate, which has allowed the development of a prosperous agriculture.

Basic school and halfway house

various walking and cycling routes in the direction of Echternach


Construction 2021

List of properties in the housing development

Property TypePriceRms
House1 048 500 €3See
House1 059 500 €4See
House1 099 800 €4See
House1 132 000 €3See


The exact address of this propetry is not indicated

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