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Our team is like our offices located in Blaschette: calm, quiet and welcoming. With us, your file is not treated in a quarter of an hour. Whatever your needs, we take the time to listen to you, understand your real estate project and offer you the best advice and services based on our long experience.


Due to our knowledge acquired in both the banking and real estate sectors, we know better than anyone else the entire process of a real estate purchase: search and choice of property, development of a financing plan and presenting loan requests, implementation of insurance solutions. We help you with each of these steps or take care of the entire procedure. Feel free to choose your solution. Thanks to our partner Conseil&Services you can take advantage of all these free services.


 In addition, all our services are completely free of charge. You will never receive an invoice from us. You will never pay more than if you did the work yourself. On the contrary, you are more likely to pay less thanks to our various partnerships.
All in all, we create a win-win situation: yourself because you are guaranteed the most advantageous rates on the market, our partners because they do not have creating files, and we work closely together with Conseil&Services, which receive their commissions from their partners for each customer brought in. Nothing is hidden. Everything is transparent
By choosing us, you also save time and a lot of administrative work with many service providers.
So why bothering with your real estate project and invest a lot of valuable time if we can do it for you for free?



    Buckes Ittenbach
    Buckes has over 30 years of experience in the banking sector. He has worked as a real estate credit consultant, advisor to small and medium sized businesses, Buckes is a licensed insurance broker since 2014.
    00352-336667-702 b.ittenbach@rmsimmo.lu
    Ana Monteiro
    Ana has more than 12 years of professional experience in the fields of accounting and real estate. Thanks to her experience, Ana assists our clients with advice and assistance and handles all administrative tasks within our company with excellence. Ana is responsible for portfolio and project development as well as the marketing, multimedia and communication departments. She speaks the following languages: Luxembourgish, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish and English.
    +352 336667-706 a.monteiro@rmsimmo.lu
    Marthe Brimmeyer
    With over 5 years experience in the real estate business, Marthe is responsible for sales and rentals next to Buckes. Marthe continued and successfully completed her studies at the High Schools of Diekirch, Ettelbruck and Luxembourg City. Marthe speaks Luxembourgish, German, French, English and Portuguese.
    +352 33 66 67-703 m.brimmeyer@rmsimmo.lu
    Arlette Mischo-Frisch
    Arlette is our executive assistant. She has many years of experience in the banking and fiduciary sectors.
    00352-336667 705 info@rmsimmo.lu
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